Heart Institutes
Our Team
Dr.Arun Srinivas
Senior Consultant &
HOD of Cardiology
Dr. Nagendra Prakash
Consultant Cardiovascular Surgery
Dr. Jayakumar P
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Dr.H.P. Guruprasad
Consultant Cardiology
Dr.Adithya Udupa.K
Junior Consultant
Apollo Expertise

The Heart Institutes at Apollo Hospitals is part of one of the largest groups of Cardiology and Cardio-Thoracic Vascular surgery in the world. The scorecard shows an unmatched record of over 100,000 heart surgeries, which include complicated Coronary Artery Bypass operations, Surgery for all types of Valvular heart disease, Infant and Neonatal heart surgery - with success rates comparable to the international standards.

The commitment of our Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic surgeons to the prevention and treatment of heart disease has led to the achievement of better outcomes and improved quality of life for thousands of cardiac patients who visit us every year, making Apollo Hospitals the most sought after hospital in India for Bypass surgery and Child heart surgery.